Overlord was Underrated.


Zombie movies never seem to end, the thought of the dead rising, and their hunger for flesh, is probably the most scariest thing ever. The thought is far from fiction, just recently there was a “Zombie deer epidemic‘ going around for the past few months, and people worried it would spread to humans, even though Americans eat about 7,000-15,000 Chronic Waste Diseased animals a year.

The fact that our own military has their own zombie apocalypse weapons, just waiting for the day we all turn on one another, is terrifying on it’s own. Yet in the movie “Overlord (2018)” they take the idea of zombies to a different level.

Similar to the 2009 zombie horror flick “Dead SnowThe film is the same concept of Nazi Zombies, but this film is more for comedic and gore satisfaction purposes and has no relation to actual warfare.

Dead Snow (2009)

Overlord takes place during World War II, even though it introduces super mutated zombies with a conscience, it shows the real experiences of war. Men loosing their friends, making choices they wish they didn’t have to make, and slowly loosing their minds, and feeling helpless.

In the film we follow a squad of soldiers whose mission is to destroy a tower that is blocking radio frequencies. While that is their goal, they have to find their way to this tower and do their best to not get caught by the Germans.

While one of the soldiers stumbles into the compound and discovers a laboratory where the German scientists are conducting experiments on Jewish people who were murdered and brought back for testing. They had created a serum, that when injected into a dead corpse, brings the person back to life, they don’t seem to be 100% zombified, because some have a conscience, but they do feed on flesh.

A victim who has been used for experiments cries for help (Overlord 2018)

These re-animated people also have super human strength. The Germans were going to use the resurrected dead to ‘win the war’ sadly for them our soldiers were able to take down the tower, and help defeat the war.

But how was this movie so underrated? This movie deserves more attention and positive ratings because even though it was a zombie movie, it was also based on the real life situations in war. Imagine that there wasn’t any zombies in the movie and you would just have a WW2 movie. It also makes you wonder if testing like this did ever go on and it was never ever to be talked about.

Imagine if the Germans really were conducting experiments on dead corpses that gave them life again, super human strength and the taste for human flesh, and it was all destroyed, leaving the US army to never speak of it again because it was ‘out of site, out of mind’

Makes you wonder.

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